Mission Statement

CSP Polling wants to provide quality polling focusing on issues and elections of overwhelming public interest.

Founded by computer scientists experienced in data analytics, CSP Polling has five guiding principles:
Simplicity: Most public polling firms ask dozens of questions to gauge public opinion on a set of issues, not just electoral outcomes. We feel this leads to non-response bias and  survey fatigue; as such, we focus primarily on demographics and one or two core opinion questions of interest.
Unbiased: We don’t structure our surveys to get a desired result.
Data-driven: We don’t make assumptions around party affiliation, but rather use aggregated data to model an electorate.
Diversity: We pull our results from online Q/As, cell phone surveys, and in person interviews.  These are blended  together to form a complete picture.
Transparency:  We give  access to our polling upon request and make most results public. All of our polls are published online for anyone to see.